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Submitted on
November 13, 2011


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YUM!Jinka, An Artbook! Get those entires in!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2011, 3:25 PM

The deadline TIME is 12 AM EST (sorry I forgot to add the timezone!)




YUM!Jinka Artbook Submissions: OPEN until the 7th of FEBRUARY

Book Details:
Title: YUM!Jinka
Size: 8.5in X 11in
Pages: TBD Roughly between 50-60 pgs
Artists: TBD
Price: TBD
ISBN: 978-1467942843

What is YUM!Jinka?

Yum!Jinka is an artbook project filled with original artwork that I would like to put together with the help of the DA community. The book will be published and available online through amazon and buying directly through me. The theme of the artbook is Food & Drink Gijinka's.

What is a gijinka?

Gijinka (擬人化) is a Japanese word meaning "humanoid", "personification", or "anthropomorphic". Basically, your taking a food or a drink and turning it into a character!

Here are a couple of examples:………

Here is also a list of foods to help fuel your creative juices! -…

Why are you making YUM!Jinka?

I started this project in order to help fund my study abroad trip to Japan.
I come from a very poor family and they are not able to help me financially in any way. So I thought I would start this artbook project to help other artists as well as myself. The artists that contribute to this book will be able to have their work publish and sold. Artists that contribute will also get a special discount so that they may buy the artbook off of me cheaply and resell them if they wish. If you do not wish to help me or be apart of this project, please do not submit an entry.

Can I be in the artbook?

Everyone is welcome to submit to the artbook. However, there are limited pages for artwork so not everyone will be able to be included.

Will the submissions be judged?

Yes. In order to keep the artbook of high quality the submissions to the artbook will be judged. Please do not let this keep your from submitting, as the artwork is not only judged by how well it is drawn, but by idea as well.

How will the submissions be judged?

The submissions will be judged on these criteria:
Concept – The overall concept of the art submission
Concept in relation to theme – how well the concept fits with the current theme
Design & Quality - How well the artist created the piece (line quality, coloring, attention to detail, etc.)

What are the requirements for the artbook?

List of requirements for the art submission:
1) Your artwork must be original and created by you.
2) The theme for the Artbook is Food and Drink Gijinkas. The artwork that you submit must use or be based on this theme in some way, form, or fashion.
3) The artwork is STRONGLY suggested to be in CMYK color mode.  (if you're not sure what CMYK is, go here… If artwork is in RGB, then come of the colors when the artwork is printed MAY be slightly different. (There are many tutorials online and youtube on how to do this)
4) The artwork needs to be 300 dpi.
5) The image size should be the same size you want the image to appear in print. The minimum dimension of your artwork is 4 inches x 4 inches and the maximum dimension is 7 inches x 9 inches. Any size in between these two values is acceptable.
6) If work is scanned, please make sure that it is also scanned in 300 dpi and the colors are converted into CMYK. (There are many tutorials online and youtube on how to do this)
7) The submitted artwork must be a completed piece of artwork and should be colored and/or shaded. Please don't submit drafts or anything that looks incomplete or sloppy. (Unless I have talked to you about submitted sketches for tutorials or other purposes)
8) To keep things fresh, please submit artwork that has not been previously posted/printed/displayed elsewhere (either in print, or online)
9) No Hentai or overly suggestive artwork. Mild nudity is ok as long as it's done in a tasteful manner.
10) Your art submission should be in one of these 4 formats: EPS, TIFF, PNG or JPEG
11) You are allowed to enter up to 3 submissions.
12) If you are younger than the age of 18 you must have parent permission in order to submit to the artbook.  
13) Please do NOT use official logos from food and/or drink products in your submissions! You make logos that are similar, but please make them look different so we don't get in trouble for copyright.
14)Please DO NOT post the drawing that you want in the artbook BEFORE the artbook is published. You MAY post a 'preview' image that does not show the whole artwork (please make it 25% or less of a preview. I'll let you be the judge of how much to show)And you need to link back to this journal if you do so. You may post the images after the artbook is printed.

How To Submit

Please fill out the submission and release form here -… and attach your submission to the email as one of the 4 formats EPS, TIFF, PNG, JPEG or as a ZIP file.


NameOfSubmission_YourRealName.png(or any of the other formats listed)
So it should be "the name of your submission"(underscore)"your real name".png .eps .tiff .jpeg

How do I know if my art has been selected or not?
You will receive an email after the close of the submission period stating whether or not your submission has been used in the artbook.

Official rules and regulations are here -…

If anyone wants to advertise YUM!Jinka (and that we're looking for artists) in their journals, websites, etc. that would be great! I'm going to make a couple of graphics this weekend for advertisement use! By advertising, you can take $1 off of your book purchase with every different site you advertise on. So if you advertise in your DA journal, Tumblr, and facebook, your get $3 off your book purchase! Max is $3. But please feel free to advertise as much as you like!

Also by advertising, you will be put into a raffle to win a free sheet of panty and stocking stickers! (please see my front page)

Extra FAQ's

Q - Why do I have to have parent permission if I'm younger than 18?
A- Because I do not want to get in trouble for your not having permission and the whole artbook project getting compromised.

Q - How many times can we enter submissions?
A - 3. Only two will be printed if both are selected for printing.

Q - Do I have to draw a background?
A - Backgrounds are not required but are highly suggested since they bring a lot of life into your submissions. If your submission is minimalistic, then having no to little background is fine.

Q - Can I draw more than one character/ more than one food or drink in my submissions?
A - you may. But please be considerate to other artists and try not to take all the popular foods.

Q - What happens if another artist and I draw the same food?
A - It's fine to have more than one of the same gijinka. But if we get a surplus of one food, then your chances of getting into the book get slimmer. (i.e. Be creative!)

Q - Will we (the artists) get any royalties from the profit of the book?
A - As much as I would LOVE to give you guys all the royalties from the book, all I can offer is for your work to be in print in a nice shiny artbook. Please follow the link to the Official Rules and Regulations to learn more. :)

Q - Does candy, Soda, Alcohol, coffee, etc. count?
A - As long as you can safely eat and/or drink it without immediate death, then yes! (ex. Chemicals, poisons, things that humans normally do not eat are not allowed.)

Q - Can we collaborate with someone?
A - Of course! When sending me your submissions through email, just fill the form out twice in the same email for each of your details. : )

Q - Does the drawing have to be full body?
A - No it does not.

Q - Does it have to be chibi styled?
A - Nope! It can be whatever style you want :3

Q - Is there a list of food and drinks that have already been done?
A - Right here! -…

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Future consumer here. I will DEFINITELY be buying this.
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Im so excited :3 you must have gotten so many submissions!!!! Can't wait to hear the verdict :3
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still working on it :)
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Anyways good luck with your study! I hope you can study abroad with it! :D
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Aww I'm sorry! And thanks!
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