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July 15, 2012
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Zero--00 App: Honey B. by Poiizu Zero--00 App: Honey B. by Poiizu
Application for :iconzero--00: Good luck everyone!

N a m e & I n f o r m a t i o n

●Name // Honey Byrd
●D.O.B // April 11th
●Age // 23
●Gender // Female
●Height // 5"7

●Occupation // Works as a waitress at a casino in zone 3
●Zone // Zone 3

●Demonic Weapon // Parasite
_Demon Boomerang_
- Has hundreds of extremely sharp teeth & a tongue that can sucrete acid (mild to deadly)
- Eye "locks" onto targets and hardly misses
- Always returns to Honey
- cynical little bastard >:U

P e r s o n a l i t y

To most people Honey seems a bit unapproachable. She acts tough and a bit cold towards those she does know, and would rather do things her way than to take orders from someone else. However, once you get past her defenses she's actually a very fragile person.

[+] Courageous - If she sees someone in need, she'll will fight to protect them (and act like it wasn't a big deal or brush you off as being too weak to do it yourself)
[+] Sense of Humor - If you can tell a really good joke then she'll more than likely get along with you.
[+] Sincere - If she says something meaningful to you, she means it.
[+] Self confident - She thinks she's better at most thing than she really is (although her dumb luck helps her with this)
[+] Energetic - She likes to be out and about

[-] Hot Headed - Try not to get on her bad side, she WILL hit you...
[-] Short attention span - If there isn't a quick and dirty way to do it, then she's not going to do it your way.
[-] Cold - She doesn't like to show weakness so she masks it by being shutting people out.
[-] Defensive - She does not express strong feelings or fears to other people well at all. (She's scared of the dark and ghosts /whatapuss)
[-] Rash - She doesn't always think things through before she does them.

H i s t o r y :

Family //
- Benjamin Byrd (brother) deceased
- Carl Byrd (Father)
- Linda Byrd (mother) deceased
- Dean Byrd (Uncle) deceased

Honey and her brother Benjamin (Ben) grew up with their father in Zone 1. Her father, Caryl Byrd, was a highly influential and cut-throat politician running for city mayor. Her Uncle, Dean Byrd, owned Byrd Corp. and had a lot of influence financially and more often than not had ties with his twin brother Caryl and aided him with his rise to political power. Ben and Honey grew up in a household that was always very public due to their fathers line or work. After graduating high school with top honors, Ben began following their dads footsteps, which wasn't his decision, but he didn't really have a choice. Honey tried her best to keep out of the spotlight, which wasn't too hard due to her brother's rising fame next to her father. Even so, Honey and Ben were the best of siblings, even though their father was obvious in his favoritism. Afternoons were spent with Ben helping Honey with her homework as she wasn't the brightest of students, but Ben always encouraged her and gave her praise. Summers were spent at their uncles ranch in zone 4 riding horses or swimming. Dean was always fond of Honey, and treated her like his own daughter, but Honey always seemed to have an edge about her when he was around. Then Honey graduated high school and everything changed.

Caryl was in the middle of a big election campaign and Ben was right by his side, in line to take his seat in the city counsel when his father took the office of Mayor. Dean, having funded most of twin brothers campaign was promised many things once Caryl was elected into office, including a seat in the counsel as well as...Honey. Their home went up for sale so that they could move closer to Central and as a result Honey was moved to her uncles house. Ben and her father stayed in ritzy hotels in Central as the campaign was coming to a close. Honey didn't really mind but she did miss her brother. Being all alone in a big empty house with only her uncle and a few maids made her uneasy and lonely. She kept to herself in her room most of the time, or spent time outside of the house. One night, when Honey was already in bed she heard her door open. Being scared (inadmittingly) that it might be a ghost, she didn't turn around to look at the door but instead sunk down into her covers. A few moments later she felt a large warm body crawl into bed with her. She tried to raise up but something was holding her shoulders down. Then she looked up. "Uncle? What are you doing? Get out of here!" She wriggled and squirmed under the heavy man, but it was no use. He took both of her hands in one on his and locked them above her head. His other hand slid up her shirt. "Get off of me you sick bastard!" Without saying a word, he smiled a terrifying smile and slid his hand under the elastic of her pajama pants. This scared honey more than anything she had ever experience and she knew no matter when she did no one could hear her. Out of pure fright she thrust her head forward just as her uncles face was closing in on hers, breaking his nose and setting her free for a moment. She threw herself out of the bed and ran as fast as she could out of the house and to the train station where she rode the trains from zone to zone until dawn.

Honey eventually had to go back to her uncles house, and locked herself in her room, a maid would bring food to her. She didn't have anywhere else to go, and her father would not let her stay with them. She didn't even tell him about the incident and she didn't want her brother to worry as he was already stressed enough as is. She did see her uncle in passing one day, a bandage across his nose. She threatened to say something to the media if he ever tried anything like that again. He blamed alcohol for his behavior but Honey knew he was lying, there wasn't the faintest scent of alcohol on his breath that night.

As the campaign was coming to a close, her father in the lead, her uncle received a call from his brother. One of the city counsel chairs had decided not to vacate his spot on the counsel leaving room for only one new member. Caryl, despite the help from Dean, told Dean if he were elected mayor that he would appoint Ben as a chair member as he didn't think his brother needed the position. Dean was betrayed and furious.

On rare occasion Ben was able to slip away and visit Honey at their uncles house and they would enjoy nice dinners together out in zone 1. One evening, Honey and Ben were driving back to their uncles place from dinner when suddenly a car hit them from behind, causing them to drive through a railing and over a low bridge. The car pulled up slowly to the open railing and Dean stepped out. Seeing the damage he hurried back to his car and drove away. "Now that seat will be mine..."

Several weeks later Honey was released from the hospital with only minor bruising. Ben, on the other hand, was only just released from the ICU and was on life support. Even in his fragile state, he would still get interviewed and photographed despite Honeys best efforts to keep them away. Ben had major damage to his brain and would slip in and out of coma. Honey stayed by his side as often as she could, using her dads money to rent an apartment next to the hospital just so she could be within 5 minutes from Ben. Weeks passed and Honeys father was elected as Mayor and Dean got the seat in the city senate. Bens condition had not improved however, but Honey was still with him every day. Their father had him moved to his house in central when his condition was stable with a nurse on call 24/7. One day, when he was able to talk with Honey he told her the story of their mother, how she was in almost the same state as he was. He had watched her slowly die on life support when her brain was riddled with cancer. He told honey that he did not want to suffer the same way that he had seen their mother suffer and begged her to pull the plug on his life support. She wouldn't do it, but day after day, week after week, he pleaded every moment when he was awake. She could see that his condition was not improving, and every day it seemed that he was slipping further and further away from her. Then one day, after weeks of thinking about it, she finally gathered the courage to set her brother free. She didn't want him to suffer any longer. She walked into his room and sat beside him on his bed. His face was sunken in and his once sunny skin was a ghostly pale. She took her brothers hand and squeezed is slightly. He was conscious, but hardly able to respond. His eyes focused on her and she nodded. She told him how much she loved him and he smiled, knowing that this was the day. Taking the cord that kept her brother alive, she held it in her hand with her brothers hand in the other. They stared at each other for a long while, silently saying their goodbyes. He smiled at her one last time and then..she pulled the plug from the socket. All the machines shut down except for the alert for the nurse. Ben gave one heavy breath, his grip sliding from Honeys hand, and closed his eyes. Honey held back her tears, trying to be strong. She only hand moments before the ambulance would be here. Taking her brothers body, she gently dragged him out of the bed and onto the floor and sat him against the bed with the cord in his hand, making it look like he was the one that pulled the plug. She kissed him on the forehead for the last time and hurried out of the room, not looking back. Then she began to scream "Help! Someone Help!" Running pass the nurses and paramedics, she was on a mission. She knew who had hit their car that day on the bridge, she had seen their uncle following them around. She ran to the train station and headed for her uncles house.

Honey arrived before her uncle caught wind of her brothers death, her father would be too busy to call him anyhow. She knew exactly what she was going to do. She ran up to her room and grabbed a stuff teddy bear. She changed into some skimpy clothes and headed for her uncles study. She knocked to see if he was there and he answered. "Who is it?" It's me, uncle D., Honey. Can I come in?" He agreed and told her to come in. As she walked in, she could see him gawking at her in the most grotesque way, and she played it up. Putting on the best show she knew how she slowly walked to his desk. " You know, it gets rather lonely in this big house. I thought we could have some fun?" Dean looked confused and suspicious. "What are you trying to pull? You broke my nose you little shit!" He stood from his chair, more confused than angry. "I've done a little growing up I guess you could say," she purred, sliding onto his desk. "So are we going to do this or not?" She tried to keep the disgust in her voice to a minimum. Dean stood there and pondered for a second, but on a second, and then he began unbuttoning his pants. Honey held the bear with both hands and leaned over the other side of the desk. "But I only have one condition...Can I..Call you daddy?" Her uncles eyebrows rose and then his expression turned into a menacing grin. "I didn't know you had these kinds of kinks, Honey, you're a nasty little girl. Daddys girl." She knelled in front of him, still holding the teddy. "Just like this, daddy?" "That's a good little girl honey, do as daddy says." He slipped his pants off. She raised her teddy bear toward him, "Can you hold this please?" As soon as his hand took the stuff bear a muffled blast rang throughout the house. A bullet hole went straight through Deans chin and out the back of his head. Honey stood, blood covering her, and left.

The last thing her father ever saw of her was an envelope addressed to him lying on his bed. Inside was a DVD with the letters HB written in sharpy and a letter. He open to letter.

Make sure no one ever looks for me or else I will release this to the press


Caryl put the DVD in his laptop and pushed play. What he saw was horrifying. It was a video of what sounded like Honey and of him? twin brother Dean! But she was calling him daddy? "Daddys girl..." He slammed the Laptop in horror.


Honey now works as a waitress in a Casino in zone 3. It's been three years and not a single person has bothered her since, so she continues to live out her life as normal as possible. She still thinks of her brother every day, and misses him terribly.

L i k e s & D i s l i k e s :

[+] The color white
[+] Being Clean
[+] Cigs (trying to stop because he brother didn't like it)
[+] Indian Food

[-] Hot weather/heat
[-] Timid People
[-] People who won't speak their minds
[-] Lecherous guys

E x t r a :

- Rides trains from zone to zone just forget about her troubles
- Loves Ice-cream and cold foods
- Do NOT make jokes about her name, or your will feel her wrath >:U
- Honey B. is a nickname that only her brother called her.
- Her Zero form feet are not deformed, they are a type of shoe that has a light gel/air mechanism that allows her to land from high places and jump higher than a normal human.
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