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MH App - Nagao Minoru by Poiizu MH App - Nagao Minoru by Poiizu

I really wanted to join a group that was laid back and I love Japanese school settings because I'm a born weabooLlama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]
I've also had this character in my head for a while and really want to play him out ;v;

Sorry if his personality and bio are a bit lacking, I like to develop my characters while I play them!

:: R o l e p l a y ::
I RP via notes, chat, and skype.
Script to Semi-lit

:: P r o f i l e ::

|Name:: Nagao • Minoru 長尾•みのる

|Age:: 16

|D.O.B.:: 1998-04-14

|Year:: 1st

|Height:: 167cm (5’4”)

|Gender:: Male

| Orientation:: Pansexual

Voice :: Regular voice - Female voice

|Home or Boarding:: Lives in apartment with his mother and her current boyfriend.

:: P e r s o n a l i t y ::

Despite being a little shy and quiet Nagao is a pretty typical freshman student. He looks up to his senpai's quite a lot and takes their opinions and suggestions seriously, even if they're not in his best interest (which can get him into trouble sometimes). He tries not to cause too much commotion in class and prefers to be almost invisible.

While outside of school Nagao becomes a different person, someone he is much more comfortable being, Yui ( ゆい ). For some reason, when Nagao becomes Yui, he is much for confident and personable. He likes to go shopping, take purikura, go to arcades and cafes. No one knows that Yui is Nagao or Nagao is Yui, he feels that if someone found out they would think he was odd or even crazy. He knows that it's weird to dress as and girl but the confidence and freeing feeling it gives him lets him overlook that for a while.

This secret keeps him from making friends easily, so most of the time he is alone outside of school.

:: L i k e s ::

Coffee and Tea Vending Machines • Konbini food (especially tuna/mayo and miso paste onigiri)
• His phone • Going shopping His goldfish (named ebiko wtf) His antfarm
• Daydreaming during class
• Kaiten sushi • When wind blows hair and skirts of girls (what a weird child)
• Cleaning
• Stationary shops

:: D i s l i k e s ::

• Bananas • Lots of attention • Tight clothingDirty places
• Heights • Being asked a lot of questions • Doctors office • Pants
• Ramen • Takoyaki (he always burns his mouth, doesn't mind the taste though)

:: S c h o o l  ::

|Class:: 1-B

|Club:: Volleyball

|Grades:: 86% - His grades are pretty good and he doesn't have to try very hard but gets distracted and forgets to do homework a lot.

|Best Subject::
Science - He's really interested in plant and animal science.

|Worst Subject:: Home Ec - Most of the time he runs students out of the room from the foul burning smell of his cooking.

:: B i o ::

Nagao grew up in Osaka in a small town called Takarazuka with his mother and older sister, Kuroko. He attended school there until graduating from Takarazuka JHS, the same year his sister graduated from Takarazuka HS. After his sisters graduation she was accepted into a college a station over from Takarazuka. Minoru and Kuroko's mother was constantly out dating since their father left when Nagao graduated from elementary school, never having the same boyfriend for more than a few months to a year. On the day of Minoru's graduation his mother introduced them to her new boyfriend and announced they would be moving to Asahigaokamachi, Takayama, a 15 minute train ride to Hida-furukawa station. Kuroko, having been accepted into a college stayed near Takarazuka. Nagao and his mother and new boyfriend moved to Asahigaokamachi and enrolled into Miyagawa highschool.

His home life wasn't the best as his mother and new boyfriend stayed out quite often, sometimes not coming home at night. Minoru, used to his sister cooking, relied on konbini food which he didn't mind. This is when he started cross dressing. At first it was just in his room when his mother wasn't home, then around the house when no one was home, then outside and eventually he had created an alternate version of himself, as a girl. This is when Minoru could go out and not feel depressed or anxious and comfortable in his own skin. Sometimes he thinks it's because he misses his sister that he started cross dressing, but he's not really sure.

:: T r i v i a ::

• Needs glasses to see, mostly wears contacts when dressed as Yui.
• Hides all of his girl clothing, makeup and wigs in shoe boxes in the back of his closet.
• He really likes stationary and pens. Has a few journals beside his bed and writes on his notebooks.
• He isn't particularly feminine when dressed as a boy and is seen as normal but weakly.
• Uses only push on nails because painting is too hard and he can take them off quickly.
• Works at a local konbini dressed as Yui.
• Loves Japanese Mayo
• Watches idol interviews on the net to practice his girl voice.

:: R e l a t i o n s h i p s ::

None ATM, will update!

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SweetCandyCyanide Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Aww, he's so adorable :3 Nice job!!! :love:
Poiizu Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
Komoe-Kanna-chama Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Uwaaa~ I LOVE him, so cute :icondesueyesplz:

I love his whole character;how he is Yui and Minoru ~

I wanna join MH so I can rp with you/him, lol...w-would that be ok? For us to rp if I can get in... :iconhauauauplz:
Poiizu Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
sure^^ Thanks!
Komoe-Kanna-chama Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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